A Time To Plant


On Saturday, May 11, just one day before Mother's Day, James T. Farmer III was nowhere near North Georgia, but the acclaimed author, gardener, floral and interior designer--who also happens to be a cook and table-to-garden lifestyle expert--was still influencing moms there that day. In fact, he was influencing two moms, and he didn't even know it.

As the Douglasville Patch was reporting on Saturday that the upcoming Hydrangea Festival in Georgia was just around the corner, the Atlanta Top News Examiner and her mother were making their way through an estate sale looking for the perfect hydrangea vase to use for Mother's Day.

Hydrangeas just happen to be one of the favorite flowers of James Farmer, who says in his A Time to Plant book that when it comes to flowers, there is hardly another family of flowers that can be cut, dried, arranged and enjoyed more than the hydrangea clan.

This Atlanta writer's mother would agree with him, which is why she was insisting on displaying her blue, purple and green blossoms for her Mother's Day lunch guests on Sunday. But she needed the right vase for them, and she found it.

When it comes to hydrangeas and the right vase to use for them, James Farmer might be something of an expert. However, it appears from the attention he is receiving in the media that he knows a lot more than how to grow, display and arrange hydrangeas.

In fact, so far in 2013 the Georgia boy has published another book (his fifth), titled A Time to Cook, he has appeared on Paula Deen's Paula's Best Dishes, which aired in April on The Food Network, and--in advance of Mother's Day--he was asked to offer Mother's Day table tips to WAGA-TV viewers on Fox 5's Good Day Atlanta. And the year isn't even half over yet.

If you didn't watch Farmer's Fox 5 appearance you might be interested to learn that he used hydrangea flowers in his floral bouquet for his Mother's Day table decor example. So mom feels vindicated in her own choice!