Il Viaggio Flate Dessert Plate

Porcelain dessert plates from the Il viaggio di Nettuno collection in Rock Orange. A stunning sight for guests waiting for dessert at the end of a special event and just as perfect for brightening up your everyday moments, these bite-sized dessert plates - just 22 cm wide - in the Impero shape, will give you an unexpected touch of cheerfulness every time. We like to think that you will be as enchanted each time you take them out of the cupboard as you were the first time. Inspired by designer Luke Edward Hall's passion for Greco-Roman mythology, the Ginori 1735 Il viaggio di Nettuno collection captures a creative vision in dialogue between the classical and the contemporary that runs throughout the beautiful pieces of tableware, tea and coffee sets and home décor. The hero is Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, accompanied by other characters from mythology such as Salacia, his bride, and his son Arion, who is depicted riding a dolphin while playing a golden zither. Here was born a new design concept, one that brings together an aesthetic inspired by motifs from the past with the modern demands of functionality and appeal in a collection of handcrafted porcelain.
  • Designer: Luke Edward Hall
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand Decorated with Precious Metals
  • Dimensions: cm 22
  • Material: Porcelain
0.94 inch
8.66 inch DIA
12.17 oz