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Who doesn't love good chips and salsa? Sure, you can go to the grocery store and buy regular salsa, but wouldn't you rather buy some that you know is supporting an awesome cause here in Charleston? 

Healing Farms Ministries started when the parents of a child with disabilities were researching what kind of atmosphere works best for adults with disabilities and their families.  They found that farm based programs were the best models for their idea of a family and community where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to contribute their gifts and talents.  

They developed small urban farms in various communities throughout the Tri-County area to serve people with disabilities.  Through PODs (People Overcoming Disabilities), the farms support adults with disabilities as they transition into adult life beyond high school.  The participants join a small group made up of 4 adults with disabilities, a skilled leader, and 2-4 interns and volunteers who share similar interests.  Here, they can explore vocational opportunities and grow as individuals and members of groups.  

Hundreds of people are brought together on a regular basis to help with the upkeep and improvements on the farm. 

Through work, meals, and good old fashioned fun, bonds are formed between people with developmental disabilities and typical peers.  They gain a greater understanding of how to live and work alongside each other in productive and meaningful ways.   


Show your support for Healing Farms Ministries by purchasing their product at The Embroidery Boutique at 92 Folly Road or

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