Now that I've had the honor of being involved in a few of my friends weddings, I realize that it's the little details that really make the day even more memorable.  From toasts with wedding party members to fun gifts for each other, these moments will make the day as special as it can be.  

The Bride and Groom shot glasses are perfect for the happy couple at the reception.  Plus, it's something they can keep from their big day and use later as well.  It would be fun for them to use on anniversaries! 

The Celebrate shot glass is great for the wedding party.  Let's face it; they'll be celebrating you from the rehearsal dinner until the lights go out at the reception.  They just love the couple so much!

What cocktail is complete without some cute, fun napkins?! You can't have a drink without a napkin.  That's a Southern rule.

But, before this all goes down, the bridesmaids have to take the bride out for her special celebration- the bachelorette party! Don't forget to pick up the Bachelorette Party Set before you go!

As the bride, you need to get your support system something special! The gold and white stripe tumbler with the bridesmaid's initials makes the perfect gift.  She can use it at all the wedding festivities and later! 


April 23, 2015 — Rhodes Boutique