Join us on Wednesday, October 23rd, from 11 to 5 for a trunk show featuring the elegant jewelry of Margerite & Motte.  Meet the designer, Laura Reid, and see her signature collections -- each piece is a unique work of art imbued with the beauty of the Carolina Lowcountry.

Laura Reid

Laura Reid was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, but fell in love with the marshes and rivers of the Lowcountry after a tour with the United States Navy.  Six years later, she moved back to the area, and having discovered the delicate oyster shells on the beach below the Charleston High Battery, decided to create wearable art as a tribute to the natural beauty of her new-found home.

The name Margerite & Motte has personal roots for Reid.  Margaritifera is part of the Latin name for pearl, and Marguerite is a family name with a special significance to her -- Margerite is the blended result.  Motte pays tribute to one of her dogs who particularly loves to swim and play on the Battery beach.

Rhodes Boutique

The artist describes the oyster shells of the Battery as "an exceptional treasure. The steady turning of the waves enables the development of their character and time tests the strength of their structure."  Acknowledging the rugged conditions under which the oyster shells mature, she continues.  "We all have steady struggles, outside influences and the inescapable passage of time.  Let this be nature's reminder to all of us of the beauty and strength we possess despite everything against us. Let's be exceptional."

The jewelry collections of Marguerite & Motte are indeed exceptional.  Each piece is as unique as the woman who wears it.  The holidays are right around the corner.  Don't you have an exceptional woman on your gift list?

Artist photo courtesy of Marguerite & Motte

October 22, 2019 — Rhodes Boutique