Join us as we sit with AnnaBelle, Owner and Creator of LaRoque to take a look behind the brand!


Tell us about yourself. Tell us about your brand. What was the initial idea that led to starting your brand?

LaRoque is a collection of charmingly bold, bright, and timeless pieces. Artfully curated fabrics, patterns, and designs reflect our belief in celebrating color and living a playful life. I gathers inspiration from my childhood in Charleston, South Carolina. At an early age, fashion and color motivated me. When you live by the sea, you can’t take life too seriously. Defined by an unexpected hemline paired with a bold color or print, the LaRoque label embraces the essence of modern sophistication. I channel my creative energy and love for travel, art and details into my collections. Active in the industry since 2007, LaRoque has captured the attention of national press including Southern Living, The New York Times, and Fox NewsLaRoque can now be found in stores throughout the country in addition to its flagship location in Columbia, South Carolina.


What is the biggest reward of owning your business?

The biggest reward of owning LaRoque is having the ability to make a living from my life. My passion for travel and design inspires me for new collections. I also love showing my daughter that she can chose a nonconventional career path and follow her dreams!


What are your favorite pieces from your current collection?

My favorite pieces are always what we're working on next. Right now, we are working on some more casual pieces and easy to wear fabric. 

What trends do you wish would go away?

The trend that I would like to do away with is the mask trend. I always thought the best accessory was a smile! :)

What do you love about Rhodes Boutique? 

What I love most about Rhodes Boutique is that it is located in Charleston, SC, my hometown. Growing up in Charleston the only shopping was on King St. I love that there is now a higher end boutique close to where I grew up. I found many great pieces from jeans to boots that compliment my style at Rhodes. 


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March 12, 2021 — Rhodes Boutique