Maya Angelou once wrote “To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” Motherhood is a beautiful and powerful thing that should be both celebrated and appreciated. As Mother’s Day draws near, finding a gift that shows mom how much she is loved and cherished can be overwhelming. Take a look at some of these gift ideas that moms everywhere will be sure to love.

Sarah Cray’s beautifully illustrated book “Motherhood” is a collection of thoughtful quotations that will be a beautiful keepsake for every kind of mom. Pamper mom with these luxurious cotton towels from Matouk that will make every day feel like a spa day. Help mom set the mood for a relaxing environment with these Nest candles that is sure to spark joy. Being a mom is a thankless and selfless job, but giving mom a day where she can just relax and refresh is priceless.

Another way to show mom how grateful you are is a piece of jewelry—after all she did give birth to you. Margerite & Motts’ Osyter  jewelry is a perfect piece to celebrate mom’s unique style. Like the oysters used to craft these beautiful pieces, your mom will feel like a real “pearl” sporting the Margerite & Mott jewelry. Like jewelry, bags can be a girl’s best friend. Show mom some love with these Gigi New York bags that are stylish and practical. You could even personalize a bag (or any piece you would like) with a beautifully embroidered monogram.

Whatever you decide to gift mom this Mother’s Day just remember “all that [we are], or hope to be, [we] owe to [our] angel mother[s]" (Abraham Lincoln). 



April 29, 2019 — Rhodes Boutique