Chino Rhodium Cufflink & Studs Set


Turkey Feathers

Add an extra touch of sophistication to your formal ensemble with our Chino Cufflink & Studs Set. This set features all-natural turkey feathers that add a unique twist to your otherwise classic look with each piece carefully crafted with precision. Available in both gold and rhodium finishes, this must-have set elevates your style to a new level.

  • Each cufflink is 18mm in diameter and each stud is 10mm in diameter.
  • This design is offered in both 24k Gold Plated Hardware and Rhodium Plated Hardware.
  • Each feather used in production is all-natural and sustainably sourced.
  • Feathers for each cufflink and stud set are hand-selected, giving each set a unique coloring. 
  • Each pair of cufflinks and set of studs are hand-crafted in Charleston, South Carolina.