Il Viaggio Dinner Plate

Dinner plates in pure porcelain, the Il viaggio di Nettuno collection. A beautiful, 28 cm in diameter, that recalls the depths of the Mediterranean Sea and Neptune, their king. Perfect for a table with a truly unique style, they will help you to celebrate the pleasure and sheer beauty of being together, both on formal occasions and moments in day to day life. Il viaggio di Nettuno is a collection of tableware, tea and coffee sets and home decor items, the product of our collaboration with English designer Luke Edward Hall. Passionate about Greco-Roman mythology, Luke conceived of and designed for us all of the stunning depictions in the collection, brought to pure porcelain by our skilled artisans. The result is a brilliant collection of items that tell an ancient story in vibrant, stunning color and in a language that is strikingly relevant today. A creative interpretation of the dialogue between the classical and contemporary worlds in which design, craftsmanship and functionality come together in a truly original way.
  • Designer: Luke Edward Hall
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand Decorated with Precious Metals
  • Dimensions: cm 28
  • Material: Porcelain