Il Viaggio Soup Plate

White pure porcelain soup plates from the Il viaggio di Nettuno collection. With a vibrant and delectable novelty that will astound your guests, these gorgeous soup plates adorned with the classically styled visage of a young man are perfect for giving your table a unique and personal appeal. But we like to think their beauty will call to you from the cupboard where they're kept, enticing you to use them on everyday occasions as well. Il viaggio di Nettuno is a collection of tableware, tea and coffee sets and home décor items that we created in collaboration with English designer Luke Edward Hall. Luke designed all of the decorations for us inspired by his own passion for Greco-Roman mythology. A collection with bright, vivid colors, reminiscent of the Mediterranean atmosphere. A world thick with ancient stories that the young artist takes up in a modern key and a brilliant style for a collection that combines modern design with the artisan tradition that has distinguished us for nearly three centuries.
  • Designer: Luke Edward Hall
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand Decorated with Precious Metals
  • Dimensions: cm 24.5
  • Material: Porcelain
1.61 inch
9.65 inch DIA
≈ 27.68 fl. oz.
1.01 pound