Oriente Italiano Mug


Pure porcelain mugs from the Oriente Italiano collection. Perfect for sipping a hot beverage such as cocoa, tea, an infusion or coffee it will surely kindle a good mood every day, for you and for whomever you decide to give it as a gift. Oriente Italiano is a collection of porcelain tableware, tea and coffee sets and home décor items with which we have given a playground to our tireless creative spirit. From reviving the "carnation" motif of the Faenza ceramic tradition to experimenting with what colors to apply to our porcelain, this collection tells the story of the splendid work of our Studio which has been sharing its art with the world since 1735.

The colors Iris, Azalea, Porpora and Pervinca are embellished with lustrous gold lines.


3.86 inch
3.94 inch DIA
≈ 14.08 fl. oz.
7.83 oz
Do not microwave: Iris, Azalea, Porpora and Pervinca
Microwave Safe: Albus, Malachite, Citrino
Use dishwasher with extra care (max 50°C / 120°F): Iris, Azalea, Porpora and Pervinca
Dishwasher Safe: Albus, Malachite