Voliere Dessert Plate


Volière is a testament to the confluence of the beauty of the natural world and the artistry of craftsmanship. Driven by our creative passion and love of tradition, we delved into the treasures held in the Studio's artistic troves and, among the many, we were struck by a series of drawings dating back to the 1800's and inspired by botany publications. These are sketches done by hand on now yellowed paper, pages crowded with curious hummingbirds and other colorful birds of wild and yet stunning beauty. These are the inspirations for the designs you will see on these plates. Our artisans did the rest, forging a unique style in which history collides with the here and now, a lavish, yet always dainty color palette and warm floral motifs beautifully trimmed in gold.


0.94 inch
8.66 inch DIA
12.17 oz
Do not microwave
Use dishwasher with extra care (max 50°C / 120°F)